Friday, 30 December 2011

Twenty 11: best bits

{Brace yourself this is a LONG one}

Sparklers with friends at the crack of midnight on the first of the first; Cornish cowrie collecting; stumbling upon John Betjeman's grave complete with rosemary by accident; watching crazy surfers in freezy February; working at the World Service while it still lives at Bush House; walking over the bridge to the National and holding onto my skirt after a blushy windy moment in March; discovering Scarlet & Violet; a Moroccan birthday (especially the greyest gray dove that watched over my sun lounger); Easter bluebell woods; discovering Rastamouse; the super moon rising over the East Hill while Eileen recited the Owl & the Pussy Cat; bonkers Brits celebrating the Royal Wedding; Jack in the Green; floating over Cappadocia in a balloon with my Mummy; frying morels gathered for us by a Turkish cowboy amongst the fairy chimneys; arriving at Sumahan on the Water in Istanbul; the wobbliest bridge at night photo competition; the ceiling in Hagia Sofia; the tiles in Top Kapi; summer bunches from the parental garden; creeping into the first preview of Emperor & Galilean and bursting with wifely pride; becoming a god mother; a new bathroom and the first shower at home in 7 years; sunset swimming at Camber and a barbeque with Dad and Henry and Mum; happy summer weddings; a heavenly weekend in Provence; going to the Ile St Louis instead of the Louvre; dreamy margaritas and drunken photography on the Canal St Martin to celebrate Maman's anniversaire; admiring Parisian cyclists; Benny's 30th and a ginormous sausage roll instead of a cake; Boston Botanic Gardens at dewy dawn; squeaky blue Maine skies and lobster and beer; blustery lighthouses; miles of American roads and time to think; my first fish at Little Boy Falls; seeing Sullivan Balloo (a moose) and trying to photograph him from a moving car; kayaking at Bosebuck Mountain Camp at dawn; Vermont, Vermont; hunting a 'Dodge Journey' in every conceivable red barn near Rochester with the good folk of Liberty Hill Farm; learning the words of the Big Rock Candy Mountain; speeding around the tip of Cape Cod at sunset having seen a whale or 3; seeking treasure on bottle beach, NY; a blue slush puppy in Greenpoint; sunshine on a perfect parquet floor on Horatio Street; a new kitchen (although this might also feature in the worst bits list); choosing marble and restoring an old duchess radiator; an anniversary night at a chi chi hotel and a marvelous cup of tea in a bubble bath (especially good as it fell right in the middle of the dustiest stage of kitchen work); getting a new job; happy times in Hastings and lots of visitors; cutting our own Christmas tree; a wolfhound sitting on Fati's lap at Christmas; and Warhol at the De La Warr Pavilion. Quite the year. Thank you 20 Eleven and all who sailed in her. And, in case you're really confused, the words are in mostly chronological order but the photos are not. x

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