Sunday, 26 February 2012

Pink Jeunesse

I thought I'd share the happy fruits of a few hours of jumbling and junking in Hastings ...

... oh how I do love to rummage!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Who goes there?

In the recent snow, I've been rather taken by the number of prints that I've come across.

I suppose that little creatures can usually creep about a garden or a field without leaving a trace (or, at least, not a trace to my untrained eye) but the snow gives them away...

Monday, 13 February 2012

Cosy times in Norfolk

This weekend we learnt to make toast and stovetop roast potatoes on an Aga; stocked up on big lungfuls of freezy cold, clear air; listened to tales of baby hares curled up in long grass whilst curled up under blankets in front of a roaring fire ourselves; explored perfect rambling barns; watched barn owls at dusk and a deer gamboling across a snowy field; took 3 hot water bottles to bed; marveled at the number of rosettes one family of 1960s goats could win (I wonder if they ever competed with my maternal grandmother's goats - I didn't see any Devon rosettes); happened upon a snowman on a beach; and ate the most delicious sausage rolls I've ever tasted. Quite the weekend.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Romney Marsh

We've been having snowy times... but the good sort of snowy times when it's pretty but the roads are still clear. Unexpected and quite un-English.

We both had a day off today and took ourselves on a little Romney Marsh jaunt. The church in these photos is called Fairfield. It's a little piece of heaven.

You turn right off a fairly main road onto an unmarked lane, drive until you start to say <that can't have been the right right> and then suddenly up it pops out of the marshes. And there's a sign on the gate saying pick up the key to the church from Beckets House (we already knew about the key because I've got a clever Mum). And the key is 7 inches long and you feel all entrusted and thoroughly un-2012. The only people around are sheep and it's really quite magic.

An hour later, when it was -2C and our wellied toes were quite frozen, we returned the key and drove to Rye for cake and tea.

A lovely little day off.

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