Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Vermont, Vermost

We took in six states in our whistle stop tour around New England. They were all wonderful in their own - surprisingly different - ways. But it was Vermont that blew our socks off. Just three weeks after Hurricane Irene had done her worst and Vermont was back on its feet, albeit a bit battered and muddy*, and ridiculously, charmingly concerned that 2 English travelers should enjoy their time in the Green Mountain State. We really, really did.

I couldn't recommend it more highly. Maple syrup and pumpkins; farmhouse breakfasts at tables groaning with food and surrounded by madly mixed crowds; red barns and dappled cows; leaves that actually take your breath away; perfect graveyards and countless covered bridges; Millie the Dog riding shot-gun on my lap; Beth at Liberty Hill Farm; smiling pigs and territorial alpacas; the best road signs and the kindest people. Oh, and the best darn "antique mall" you ever saw. A little bit of heaven.

* Unlike others, we didn't get into disaster tourism/photography but suffice to say that some people's homes and businesses took an unbearable battering when Irene hit. We thought it kinder to photograph whole covered bridges and happy dogs rather than ogling at the sad remains of historic landmarks. Poor Vermont. 

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