Monday, 23 January 2012

Heart urchins

Last summer I spent a happy evening swimming and walking along Camber beach. Ifound several funny looking super delicate shells/skeletons. I took them home, bleached them, popped them on the window sill and have been wondering what they might be ever since. 

A friend with a super clever Dad on speed dial visited yesterday. In a flick of an iphone, he'd emailed a picture and his Dad was calling back with a diagnosis. 

Heart urchins.

Then Hastings did it's usual spooky thing - 20 minutes later we were leafing through some old prints in Courthouse Street and lo - a heart urchin in full technicolour! 

Later, unseasonably mild weather meant that we could picnic on the beach and play crazy golf with visiting friends, gull dodging all the while. 

[The fonts are effing around today - have had to give up on trying to make them work - hence wonkiness.]

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