Saturday, 10 March 2012

Berlin - Sonnenschein, eine Giraffe und ein Zirkus

In answer to Thursday's question, it turns out that a girl needs quite a lot of photos of shadows and graffiti and bare branches and paley, pinky, primrosy, prettyanduglyatonce buildings. If you don't like any of these things, look away now because they are about to come atcha in bulk.

Berlin is a great place. It is what it is. It gets on with it and expects you to do your own thing. We did.

We trawled flea markets and drank coffee in the sunshine. One of us ate smoked fish at brunch while the other one made yuck faces. We took photos of pigeons underneath bridges and stumbled upon a deserted circus at sunset. A castle was shut on a Tuesday but Berlin offered us a zoo instead - giraffes are so much friendlier than dead royalty anyway. We talked about graffiti and whether it was beautiful. We travelled the right way on the S Bahn every time except once. I wished for a bungalow in Hansaviertal. We spent hours photographing the mirrors in the Reichstag dome and a couple of minutes striking silly poses at the Brandenburg Gate. We ate Vietnamese soup and shrimp paper rolls. We got tipsy and gossipy on prosecco and giggled a lot. We made plans and then did something else. We had a lovely time.

Berlin, wir lieben Sie.

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