Saturday, 15 September 2012

Wedding season

Where have I been all Summer? Well, we seem to be having the year when everyone marries everyone. Or really I should say, one of the years.

Already there has been some complaining, a lot of no frills flights and a few thunderstorms. Grotty bathroom carpets in B&Bs, contact lenses that won't go in at speed and outfits that could've been better if I'd spent a bit more time on my packing activities.

But then there is always a nervous looking groom at the beginning at the front who becomes a beaming one in the aisle after the vows. And a reading or a piece of music that gets you right in the gizzards. And a bride in a dreamy dress and the biggest smile. And guests wearing amazing shoes. And the bit when the father of the bride talks about his daughter as a child (there was a killer description of their school run last weekend). And - if you're lucky and the bride is braver than I was - the bit where she talks about her new husband. And - at the end of the evening - an unexpected couple of guests doing a dance display that makes everyone else stop and stare (mostly admiringly and, in some cases, jealously).

I may complain about the getting there and the staying there and the never being at home this Summer but - actually - I really do love a wedding, every single time.

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