Monday, 12 November 2012


Apologies for the flakey attendance. We're moving. Yes, that's right, staring down the barrel of the next stage of life. Contemplating the needs of phantom children (saying things like "there's a great school at the top of the road" as though it has something to do with us) and attempting to corral a chain of buyers and sellers towards a simultaneous completion (insert whatever cliche you like about herding unherdable animals). Wondering why property lawyers are the only people left on the planet who actually correspond by letter (even when it's very urgent) and convincing oneself that buying a vintage sink before you actually own the next place is a good idea. Missing our little cat (who is holed up with saintly Mum in the country) and becoming increasingly nostalgic about the not-very-nice-really-Uxbridge-Road.

So ... here are some pictures of another time. When I had a whole month off work and it was Spring and I was in Andalucia, wandering around the Albaicin where even the drain covers are beautiful:

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