Friday, 15 April 2011

A cloud fancier

I've been working at home all day - tip tapping away on my laptop without much of a break. Whenever I've looked up from my screen though, I've seen a different type of cloud. It made me think it's time to share my cloud collection. Some are exotic, desert clouds but most hovered over good old Blighty at one time or another. I can't promise these will be the last fluffy delights that I share on this blog - they are pretty much my favourite thing to photograph.

Formal photographic wisdom dictates that you should be careful to balance your horizon and ensure that you don't get too much sky in a shot... if that's true, I've well and truly blown it with these pics.

Nothing makes it into my collection if it has a horizon in sight. What the heck, I admit, I'm a cloud fancier... are you?

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