Saturday, 2 April 2011

The happiest of sunny birthdays

Sun dances, like, totally work. I am sitting in a sun soaked courtyard that smells, blissfully, of orange blossom and wondering why I was so worried when every forecast said 'light rain, heavy rain, thunderstorms'. Instead, I had a wonderful, sunny, Moroccan birthday. Thank you Benny for whisking me away to my very favourite place. Ring necked doves and swooping swallows; a shady courtyard complete with almond pastries at teatime and home to a gang of chilled out tortoises; sunshine on the first page of a lovely book; the first kaftan of the year; jasmine and jasmine and jasmine; faded pink and brown rugs; a friendly bar man and a tray of rose petals and birthday bubbles; flickering lanterns and steaming baths in tadelakt bliss; a candle in a tagine; and an Old Pal cocktail.

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