Thursday, 28 April 2011

So many skirting boards

We've spent the last 3 days redecorating our sitting room and painting all the woodwork in the flat. Mum very sweetly helped on the first day. Ben was there for the first two. And then, yesterday, it was just me and so many yards of skirting, wood filler, sand paper and terrible, terrible repetitive local radio. I've now heard the advert for the new Saab for business users at a (not terribly local) Brighton garage at least 15 times.

On the plus side, the sitting room which was several shades of latte is now white and blue grey and decorating = an excuse for rewarding ourselves with nice long picnic lunches on the West Hill and a sunset trip to the beach with a bottle of fizz and my new pink espadrilles. Jaunty, yes? Also, was delighted to see that a local fish shop is offering Fantastic God Fillets at lunchtime. We might just pop by at the weekend.

I also spent a lovely evening at the parents' last night and passed my favourite cottage on the way there. It's on a little lane which is afroth with cow parsley and hawthorn at the moment (just for the record, the foliage in the picture below wasn't actually scavenged on a public highway - it came from Mum's garden). I love it's friendly little house face and it's rickety little chimney. It looks just like a house that you might have drawn as a child.

Photo above (c) my mum. 

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