Sunday, 17 April 2011

A London weekend

A rare London weekend in which we:
- bought some heavenly nickel taps for the new bathroom and sat in several baths (mainly me) before choosing one;
- met lovely friends for a pint in a proper North London pub (much as I love West London, they really do have the best boozers);
- encountered 2 beautiful old vans - one French and one German;
- made a Sunday supper of roast chicken, aubergine fritters, curly kale and new potatoes then rhubarb and clementines with ginger yoghurt;
I did lots of the jobs that I've been meaning to do for months including re-stuffing an old Moroccan pouf and cleaning all the window sills and skirting boards (Oh the Glamour!);
Ben took a photo of sunset on the Westway and bought me a lovely jam jar of flowers from Scarlet & Violet;
Maggie admired it, was photographed and then got a bit huffy when she was told that her white whisker couldn't be airbrushed out prior to publication.

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