Thursday, 5 May 2011

4 days, AV and some balloons

These short weeks are absolutely excellent in theory but - sadly - in practice they seem to involve doing 5 days work in 4.

Also our nation seems distinctly unenthused about its first referendum in 30 odd years. We tipped up at 9 this morning to put our X in the box...

The polling station is usually a church. The religious bit with the flowers and happy Caribbean ladies was fairly busy. The roped off bit with ballot boxes and pencils that are never quite sharpened enough was deserted. The electoral officers made a big fuss of us and even went as far as admiring Ben's surname. Only 107 people had voted before us. I know this because, expecting a morning rush, they'd slightly unwisely put a tally board outside. Not sure that democracy's heart is beating particularly strongly in our neck of the woods. Perhaps they should have had a third, I don't care, box. I have a nasty feeling a lot of people would have ticked it.

Mustn't be gloomy though. Our boss had a significant birthday today and we duly covered her desk in helium balloons, cakes and - wait for it - table confetti. Terrible sucks, of course, but it was fun to fill an office with things that shouldn't really be there and then conduct meetings beneath a canopy of bobbing birthday girl balloons all day!

Also, it's 8 days until Mum and I fly off to the land of fairy chimneys and hot air balloons ... I CAN'T WAIT.

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