Saturday, 7 May 2011

Un sac formidable

I finally replaced my stolen handbag today with a beautiful French sac. It was worth the six month search. Here's the pattern. Je l'adore.

And here's Mag enjoying the packaging. That's my girl.

In other news the man downstairs got his tree surgeon mate round while we were out shopping it up. We return to a much denuded sycamore behind the flat. I can no longer see leaves from my bed. Feeling a bit grumpy. On the plus side, the kitchen is much lighter and our back yard won't be covered in pollen and green fly all summer. It's probably for the best but I keep catching sight of a truncated branch and wincing. Poor old tree.

Oh, and I found another 50p. This time on the floor in Marble Arch tube. I'm over the £2 mark. Huzzah.

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