Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Attic living

Our bathroom used to look like this:

After 7 years of ablutions in a room that resembled nothing so much as the deep end of a public swimming bath, we finally decided to renovate. Now it looks like this:

So we are in hiding in the attic (us and the cat and the cat food bowls) while our very good but very dusty builders work their way towards creating a blissful white and grey haven.

Last week was a bit bleak up here so this weekend I assembled a bower of posies to combat the mustiness of below. We have little Brooklyn Dairy bottles of forget-me-nots and honeysuckle; jam jars of wee rosy-red apples, overblown roses and foxgloves; and old stilton pots of love-in-the-mist and fennel fronds. Twee delights. Heartfelt thanks to Mum for giving me free range in the garden and accompanying me on a hedgerow forage down the lane (narrowly avoiding a cattle stampede).

1 comment:

  1. Good luck with your bathroom reno. Always the hardest one to do I think. Hopefully, you have another bathroom in the house!


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