Saturday, 5 March 2011

The best kind of Saturday:

  • tea with our whiskery friend first thing;
  • researching a trout fishing trip in Idaho (sadly, ungodly expensive);
  • bridesmaid gathering - F's hair and make-up trial, delicious Sierra Leonian stew care of the miraculous Mother of the Bride (plus a take away box for B), admiring M's slipper and kaftan ensemble and R's son's incredible white brogues and meeting other lovely ladies-in-waiting;
  • a swoop into double Heaven on Chamberlayne Road - Scarlet & Violet and Howie & Belle - emerging with an armful of floral delights and 2 drawers of Edwardian butterflies; and 
  • hot footing it down the A21 to Hastings at dusk.

My bunch...

The flutterbies...


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