Monday, 14 March 2011

Tub fever

Having scurried back to good old Shepherd's Bush following the foray to Kensal Rise, we are now determined to make our flat as nice as possible. Either so that we can live in it for another few years or so that some lucky person will buy it for maximum cash and we can buy something even lovelier (or at least bigger!).

First stop on the hit list: the BATHROOM. 

I've actually hated the tiles ever since we moved in seven years ago. The estate agent described them as a wonderful green mosaic. I wouldn't. 

We visited our lovely friend Dan at his emporium of all things tile and lo - we have purchased white metro tiles for the walls and unglazed hexagonals for the floor. There will be much pale grey grout a la NY.

Next step, the bath. How I wish I had a massive bathroom and 5 squillion pounds at my disposal. I would install one of these Water Monopoly beauties and me and Mag would spend our days soaking in perfumed bliss...

Jennings bathParis bath without feet

Having purchased 2 lottery tickets and failed to get even one number (what are the odds?), we shall settle for something a little more high street. Unless I can find one of these babies on a reclamation site...


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