Monday, 14 March 2011

Kensal Rising?

So, it's been a fairly grown up sort of a weekend.

Appointment with a financial advisor and a spot of house hunting in Kensal Rise.

We saw 3 places.

The first said it was a great development opportunity. Cue 5 separate bedsit units. Nicotine stains dripping from the ceiling while mould crawled up the wall. Broken cookers in every room. A fellow viewer proclaiming that the lean-to roof was made of asbestos. A nigh-on-teenage estate agent announcing that there were separate electricity meters in every room as if they were original features.

The second could've been a little beauty but it backed onto a railway and was actually at the end of such a long road that it was in Harlesden rather than KR.

The final one was a shrine to gilt furniture, pretend walnut laminate and fitted cupboards. Quite remarkable if you like that kind of thing. I don't think I do.

All in all, we left thinking how much we liked our own flat. It's funny how househunting often makes you feel like keeping your current nest!

Here are some pics of the day, snapped as we wandered around:

the bridge to KR

housing is obv short up here ... people are moving into water towers!

the best thing about house no 1 - the derelict hairdressers opposite!

catkins and winter jasmine to raise the house hunters spirits

beautiful tiled entrance to No 2

Chamberlayne Road showing off: blossom, orange carts and delis


  1. Hope you find just the perfect place!!

  2. Thank you very much! I hope so too!


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