Thursday, 24 March 2011

In search of a ballet shoe...

This evening I left work when it was still light (this Spring thing really is happening now) and went to Oxford Street in search of a ballet shoe. When a shop which only sells ballet shoes didn't have anything, I probably should have given up but instead I trogged round 3 departments stores, trying on increasingly unballet shoeish confections and then ended up at 8:55 in Selfridges buying:
  • a book about Scandinavian design (I have actually wanted it for a while and it was cheap, at least in comparison to the Prada wonders that I had on my tootsies for a bit too long to be an entirely idle flirtation);
  • a pot of basmati rice, lentils and prawns for supper (random but delicious); and
  • a very pretty blue ceramic pot containing posh french lemon yoghurt (also scrumptious). 
Oh yes and some beige nail varnish. Of course. There wasn't much opportunity to take photos so I leave you with a sky kiss instead. They are my absolutely favourite thing.

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